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PRESS RELEASE (12/19/2011):

Pipes and Pints back on stage and ready to get on the road with the Mighty Božkov Tour 2012!!

Pipes and Pints are getting back on stage for their first time in several months! In celebration of their comeback, the band will play Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar on the 2nd of February. This concert will kick off the Mighty Božkov Tour, a string of concerts taking place in Czech ski resorts, the first half of which will be headlined by Pipes and Pints.

In February, Pipes and Pints will be back playing live shows after a short hiatus: "After much deliberation we all agreed we did not want to throw away what we have achieved together. We came to the decision to reform the original line-up" says Vojta, the band’s vocalist and bagpiper.

The grand return of the prodigal sons of punk rock at the Lucerna Music Bar will be supported by performances from two other bands. Receiving tumultuous ovations after their last show in the Czech Republic, the UK-based combo Buster Shuffle will deliver a playful mix of ska, rocksteady, and 2-tone. The night will begin with a performance by the winner of the Bandzone Showcase 2011 competition, a band called Wild Tides. Injecting a healthy dose of unruly fury into their shows, this band is sure to surprise with a Pulp Fiction-styled surf rock.

After the opening show in Prague, The Mighty Božkov Tour spring edition will rampage through Czech ski resorts. Other Czech bands, such as Fast Food Orchestra and The Spankers among others, will take their turns playing on the tour. More information on the Mighty Božkov Tour can be found at www.mightysounds.cz .

Punk Rock with Highland Bagpipes from Prague, Czech Republic.

Pipes and Pints were formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina (Highland Bagpipes/Vocals) who dreamed of a band that would combine punk rock with dirty folk music such as The Pogues. Soon after, he met Tomas Novotny (Guitar/Vocals, ex-Who Ate My Skate) who shared the same dream, though his was also flavored by a passion for country and rock and roll. They did not just dream. The first sign of the band’s life was the release of their debut demo cd in 2007 shortly followed by tours throughout Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Rep., Slovakia), both as a headlining band and in support of The Porters, Society Parasites and others. However, the vision of the future of Pipes and Pints was not shared by all of the original members and a line-up change proved unavoidable. Lukas Vincour (Drums/Vocals, ex-Punkhart, ex-Thalidomide, ex-R.A.F.) moved to Prague from Moravia just to join the ranks of the band. So that he could sing, Syco Mike (Lead Vocals, ex-Mugshot76) scrapped plans to return from Austria back home to his native California and moved to Prague with only his dog Tequila to his name. Eventually, Ondra Balvin (Bass/Vocals, ex-Super Pilot, ex-El Paso), a good friend from the streets, squats, and clubs of Prague, also joined up to be a Piper, with no less passion for the band or his bass.

In December 2008, after only a month of rehearsing, the new Pipes And Pints line-up (yet still without Ondra on the bass) recorded a 5-track EP which immediately became a promise of better days and the beginning of a new adventure. This EP release was well received and the boys didn't hesitate to hit the road with it. It was during that tour Pipes And Pints added new bass player Ondra and proved to everyone they were serious about their music as evidenced by their relentless and voracious playing at European clubs and festivals. After less than a year the band gained a reputation as true believers who give all they have whether supporting bands like The Porters, Church of Confidence, Born To Lose, Deadline, Hudson Falcons, Al And The Black Cats and more, or as they headlined their own shows.

The year 2009 brought about the fruits of all the work so far. In November 2009, Pipes and Pints released their debut, full-length album entitled "Until We Die,“ with the cooperation of Wolverine Records for Europe and Unrepentant Records for North and South America.

With plans to support the album with as many gigs and tours as possible, i.e. to play "until they die,“ the band charged into the following year. The record proved a great success. Heaps of praise were written about it in both mainstream and genre press, as well as in the electronic media, and thanks to Wolverine rec. (Germany) and Unrepentant rec. (USA) more than 3000 items were sold. Radio Stations also didn’t ignore the record. Singles from Until We Die were aired all over the world and apart from Europe, the songs were heard in Japan, North and South America and even in Australia. It didn’t take long before the songs made their way into the radio charts, Top Ten at Shite ´n´ Onions (http://www.shitenonions.com/) and on the charts at the german Celtic-Rock.de (http://www.celtic-rock.de/), to name a few. Local media in their native Czech Republic also didn’t neglect Pipes and Pints. TV Ocko, a national music TV station, nominated the band as the Best New Artist of the Year and put their music videos in rotation. The charts at RockZone FM radio station saw Pipes and Pints claim the top position for several weeks. Numerous articles, interviews and reviews were written but the most obvious sign of their drastically increasing popularity were the sold out shows and ever-increasing dedicated fan base. In 2010, Pipes and Pints managed to play 110 shows and festivals, either as one of the main bands or as the headliner. The tours included a month long European tour; a four-day long tour in large arenas in the biggest cities of the Czech Republic with The Locos (members of Ska-P) under the banner of the Rock For People festival; as well as the sold out Mighy Jäger Tour in clubs all over the Czech Republic. And yet, despite their growing popularity, all the members of Pipes and Pints have kept their feet firmly on the ground and continue to support the DIY scene, GNWP campaign, and other helpful activities and friendly bands.

The plans for 2011 are no less ambitious. Tours to Russia, England and Switzerland will be followed by plenty of weekend shows in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and other neighboring countries. The first half of the year should close with a two-week tour with Born to Lose in Western Europe. For the festival season, Pipes and Pints are booked to play at events such as Rebellion Festival in England, Force Attack Fest in Germany, and at the Czech traditional Mighty Sounds festival. The end of 2011 should see six weeks filled with a European tour and weekend tours throughout the Czech Republic, both designed to support a new full-length album which Pipes and Pints plan to record this summer. How will this end? Keep your fingers crossed!

Pipes and Pints je pojem. Touzebny ocekavani, svetly zitrky, cistej potencial... v pripade tyhle kapely jde o jasny synonyma. Fakt, ze to nekam dotahnou, meli uz v rodnym liste, ale malo kdo cekal, ze hned od porodu, pravda trosku komplikovanejsim, pujdou nahoru jako Gagarin. Doslo na obvykle detske nemoci (zmeny v sestave), prvni krucky (koncerty), vylety za hranice piskoviste (Nemecko, Rakousko) a prvni domaci ukoly (prvni demo) a ted pred vami stoji kapela s druhym demem a ruksakem plnym odhodlani podridit muzice svuj zivot a velkyma planama na debut. Nemusi se vam libit muzika, nemusite souhlasit s tim, co se Pipes and Pints snazi rict, ale 3000% odhodlani a sebevrazedny nasazeni jim uprit nemuzete. Ostatne myslete si co chcete, budou to oni, kdo se bude smat posledni.

Unsere Band gibt..s seit 2006. Viele Freunde und Musiker haben sich dran beteiligt, bevor wir uns im 2008 zu unserer jetzigen funfer Combi zusammenfanden: Lead Vox, Bass, Drums, Guitar and Great Highland Bagpipes. Neben eigenen Songs spielen wir auch alte, traditionelle Lieder die wir zum totalen rock..n..roll und punk umgebaut haben. Unser erstes Konzert war Ende Dezember 2007 und die Liste der vergangen Shows ist bereits ganz schon lang. Live zu spielen ist was uns am meisten Spass macht - also, seid bereit auf eine asskicking live Show in schnellem Tempo, das wir euch um die Ohern hauen! Wir freuen uns auf alle Konzerte und unsere Fans und Partys mit euch - so see ya in your favourite Club!

Check out Punk Rock Potluck Vol 3 digital compilation which includes Pipes And Pints song "City By The Sea".

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Pipes and Pints in the pool, Skaterock.cz


Punk Globe interview with Vojta from Pipes And Pints:

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iPUNK.cz (Czech Republic) feature (Feb 6, 2009):

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The Ripple Effect (US):

Until We Die - "God, nothing sounds better in a good punk record than the screaming wail of bagpipes. Just something about the blend of heart-splitting guitar abandon, guttural vocal spewing, and bagpipes. They just lend that touch of mournful indignation to the resistance and rebellious nature of punk. I've been digging on a lot of Celtic punk recently -- even devoted a whole radio show set to some of the better stuff that's come into the Ripple. Now I got another. Pipes and Pints.

As the name suggests, this album goes down better with a flagon of ale, a crew of rowdy mates, some buxom barmaids, and a tavern that doesn't mind being doused in suds and torn up from the floorboards by the mosh pit. The real mindfuck here is that the boys aren't from Ireland or Scotland. Not even from Boston. They hail from Prague, Czech Republic, but you'd never know it from Until We Die. This is revolutionary Celtic punk ready to stand up with the best of em.

Guitars chug. Drums flatten. Bass compresses. Vocals spit. And the bagpipes, those glorious bagpipes. They soar, man. They really soar.

Each song is a frenetic assault of spit-in-your eye rebel punk, elevated to a higher level by the pipes. On Unrepentent Records. If Celtic punk is your thing, check this out without hesitation."

Radio Gothic (CZ):

Until We Die - "Tak po trochu delší dobe vám mohu predstavit dlouhohrající album skupiny Pipes and Pints , kterou jsem tu již mel, ale jen EP verzi vydanou v roce 2008 a tu si mužete zdarma stáhnout ze stránek skupiny, pokud tam ješte je. V dobe této recenze, kterou predstavuji je skupina na výsluní tretím rokem a vylítla nahoru na špicku pomyslné Punk parády opravdu rychle. Samozrejme k tomu prispelo i nekolik podstatných faktu. Za prvé nejsou to žádní novácci a všichni mají za sebou skupiny na ceské pomery zvucných jmen, které to jsou si najdete na stránkách kapely. Podání, které si zvolili za svuj smer u nás nemá obdoby a pokud ano, tak pouze v lehcím odvaru, ne že by skupiny, které hrají Folk, Celtic, Punk okorenen Street Rockem u nás byly špatné , ale zde je prim. Dokazuje to i skutecnost, že se skupiny ujala hned dve vydavatelství pro toto album a to zahranicní, což až na výjimky se moc skupinám hrající tento styl nepoštestilo a není to tím, že zpevák Mike Syco je z USA, pokud by šlo o hudlarinu, tak by meli smulu i v zahranicí.
Nerekl bych, že by se nikdo s touto skupinou ješte nesetkal, ale preci jen pokud by tomu tak bylo jde o grupu , která je z hlavního mesta (Praha) Cech doplnena zámorským zpevákem. Styl jsem už napsal výše, takže doplním podobnost. Jsou srovnatelní ke skupinám Real McKenzies, Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys a další a tím myslím opravdu srovnatelní , žádné pripodobnení. Proste pecka a skotské dudy v každé skladbe nedelají jen doprovod na efekt , ale zakorenují a upevnují celek jako takový. Proste pokud chcete dostat do tela náboj, dobre se pobavit a poslechnout (i obohatit svou sbírku), neco co je zajímavé toto poridte a nemusíte být jen posluchacem a príslušníkem Punx. Pipes and Pints . Prijde vhod každému, kdo je ochoten naslouchat.
Album ve vysoké kvalite nahrávky vyvedeno v digipacku s obsahem 13ti skladeb v trvání 39:16 minut naprosté parády.
Doporucuji – bez bodového ohodnocení. A hlavne pro 100% sberatele je zde vinylová verze, takže není co rešit." --Alan

Rockabilly Magazine, Issue #48 (US):

Until We Die - "Celtic punks from Prague, Czech Republic cobble breakneck thrill-match of trad airs and of-the-moment must-says, the dive-bombing exercise as relentlessly punchy as vividly technicolored. Lyrically aware and pointed. Rousing bagpipe and storm-wracked mohawk declarations tossed into logical chaos. Recommended "City By the Sea," "Criticized" --DC

AMP Magazine, Issue #100 (US):

Until We Die - "As far as I can tell, this band is from the Czech Republic. More bizarrely, they have bagpipes in the band. Fortunately, they don't use the pipes as an excuse to play some bad Celtic infused folk music. Rather, they play an upbeat brand of driving, melodic punk, more akin to RANCID, or the SWINGIN UTTERS, than FLOGGING MOLLY, with nary a nod to 'traditional' music (whatever the hell that means in this- or any other- case). The pipes are used as a lead melody, much as a lead guitar would typically be. And it works! Real good. I'm converted. And now a believer!" --RK

Punk Rock, Hardcore And Ska Music Resource n Review (US):

Until We Die - "pipes and pints are back with their bagpipes in hand and new full length album "until we die". yet another impressive collaboration of music, vocals and lyrics. like a stampede of folky satisfaction to your ears with scratchy vocals, punk geetar (and yes i know i spelled it wrong) and drums to boot! these guys totally deserve a listen cause they hit a homerun right out of the ballpark with this one. put this in your cd player and smoke it! best songs-"let's go", "all i know", "when the pipers play", "braveheart", "criticized", "kensington club"..." --Beth

Glitzine (UK):

Until We Die - "Pipes And Pints were formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina (Highland Bagpipes/Vocals) with a dream of a band that combines punk rock with dirty folk music such as The Pogues. Soon after, he met Tomas Novotny (Guitar/Vocals, ex-Who ate my Skate) who shared the same dream, flavoured by country and rock and roll. This album finally saw a release in late 2009 but does it work? Well if I'm honest, ever since Ginger used bagpipes on the Wildhearts song, Give The Girl A Gun, I've waited to hear someone else have the nerve to try mixing bagpipes into a rock track, here's a band that do it on every track. Yes it really does work! You have all the energy and passion of your better than average punk band with the added pipe elements. The songs are well written and the band is pretty damn tight, the production's just enough to bring out all the best quality without ever being too much. I absolutely love the intro track, The Gael, a great instrumental with a rolling drum beat and the bagpipes. I've listened to this album a few times, more than I expected too to be really honest and I can't really find any faults. A great band, a unique sound, and some pretty awesome songs. A great combination!" --Barry Gennard, Glitzine

Organ Magazine (UK):

Until We Die - "They’re from Prague, there’s five of them, they play no messing, heads down, race you to the end, energetic, fast, uncluttered barroom punk rock ‘n roll. All pretty straight forward and uncomplicated besides the tiny little fact that there’s a great big f off steaming beast of a bagpipe player bellowing away right in there toe to toe with the rest of the band. Yes indeed, Real McKenzies I hear you cry, and you’re right of course, but the Mckenzies brand of pipe driven punk is a very Scottish and almost very nearly a traditional sound, a punk rock take on something highland folk driven, whereas Pipes And Pints are not particularly Scottish sounding. OK they are Scottish sounding, how could they not be with a great big set of bagpipes blowing away centre stage, but they’re not all haggis and kilts and wayward sons of Caledonia, they just happen to have a bagpipe blowing away in there with their no messing beer fuelled no messing punk rock. Fast tunes, basic raw throaty (well played, well recorded no messing anywhere) tunes, a great sing/chant-a-long street punk sound, a no messing barroom rock band propelled by guitars, attitude and a driving set of punk rock bag pipes." --Organ

Punk Globe (US):

Until We Die - "Pipes and Pints fucking rawk! They are from The Czech Republic. Formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina who had always wanted to have a band combining punk rock with dirty folk music like Shane MacGowan and The Pogues...I would like to interview these guys as we have not done much with any bands from Eastern Europe. All the tracks are great on this CD but I do like Kensington Club the best.. And of course When The Pipers Play." --Ginger Coyote, February 2010

Shite'N'Onions (US):

Until We Die - "I have been listening to “Until We Die”, the first full-length release from the Czech quintet, Pipes and Pints all week. Since I first got it, in fact, and nothing else. You see, instead of just hearing a CD before reviewing it, I like to be REALLY familiar with it. Yeah, I say that, but the fact of the matter is, I just can’t enough of this CD! There isn’t a dog on it! Every track is a full-tilt barn-burner that had me singing along, drumming on the dash, and really wishing I could catch a live show from these guys. This was all the more welcomed considering when I first got it, I thought I would hear, well, something less. “A standard rock outfit,” I thought, “with a token trad. instrument. Been there.” Well, yeah, it is a standard rock outfit, (drums, bass, guitar, and vocals,) and a single trad. instrument, (bagpipes,) but there is a whole lot more going on here. Something harder to put a finger on. “Until We Die” contains thirteen honest, and cliché-free tracks. There are no punked-up versions of old traditional Celtic tunes, (No “Scotland the Brave,” or “Danny Boy,”) or slow, mournful piping. In fact, aside from the band’s name, the bagpipes share no more of the spotlight than do the lead vocals, or the guitar, (the latter of which stretches out on occasion and runs some honest-to-goodness guitar solos, an increasingly uncommon thing in this genre!) The pipes, themselves, seem to serve as a standard punk rock instrument on “Until We Die,” possessing only an incidental Celtability, and seem to be a completely natural element here. This has a great deal to do with the songs, of course. All of the tracks have a very natural, and organic feel to them, written simply for the instruments at hand and without any forced identity. Pipes and Pints may well be deeply entrenched in the ‘Gangs All Here/Do Or Die’-era Dropkick Murphys-end of the Celtic Punk genre, but this is not just another copycat band. There is something very real about them and it is in full-dress here on “Until We Die.” And, having totally immersed myself in this CD for a week now, I feel quite justified in highly recommending Pipes and Pints’“Until We Die".” --Christopher, January 2010

Big Wheel Online Magazine (US):

Until We Die - "Where the Dropkick Murphys have been combining traditional Irish music with street rock sounds Pipes and Pipes take on music with more of a Scottish twist. They play this up by adding bagpipes to every song and they even have a song called "Braveheart." Aside from the Scottish influences the music has a newschool street rock type vibe in the vein of later Bruisers, DKM, the Ducky Boys, One Man Army, Street Dogs, Swingin’ Utters, The Briggs, etc, etc. If you’re into that type of stuff then Pipes and Pints will fit nicely into your C.D. collection with their songs about drinking, fighting, and social injustice. Definitely some spirited stuff here." --Ditch, January 2010

Schizofrehn Fanzine (Sweden):

Until We Die - "Wiiee... this CD is so new that it’s still hot. At least the music, it’s hot as hell. Until we die is the debut album for the Czech band Pipes and Pints, who have become one of my favourite band. I say this again, I hate Dropkick Murphys but here’s another band playing punkrock with some streetpunk influences + the bagpipe. Yes, I’m fastidious when it comes to this kind of crossover. But Pipes and Pints doesn’t slaughter any irish songs, they are the best band in this genre. Yes, it’s much Real Mckenzies and a bit Rancid but Pipes and Pipes are still their own, with great energy. I can just imagine them live, it must be a real blast and I really hope to see them live soon. What’s more... the songs from their EP are new recorded and still great. The new songs are in same high class style. It’s 12 songs and a great (trad.arr) intro who give you a taste of what you will get. Lot’s of cred to Tereza who have done a great job with the artwork. What more can I say. If you hold DKM as your favourite band, think again and think right, Pipes and Pints is the band who kick the shit out of DKM" --Schizofrehn Fanzine, November 2009

Shite'n'Onions (US):

Pipes And Pints - CD-EP - "I had heard the first Pipes & Pints EP sometime last year and was so blown away I featured them on the Shite'n'Onions podcast (I also though I gave the EP a rave review in S'n'O but can't seem to find the review - must be going soft in my old age). And just to prove that EP wasn't some kind of fluke the Czech masters of bagpipes and Punk rock are back with a 2nd 5 track EP of some of the best Celtic punk the Dropkick Murphys never wrote. Better still this EP is free to download from the bands web page. Check it out." --S'n'O, 2009

Scarred For Life (Germany):

Pipes And Pints - CD-EP - "Der Bandname läutet bereits ganz gut das ein, was die nächste Viertelstunde stimmungstechnisch bringt: Verdammt gute Laune. Die vier Tschechen vereinen herzlich-raubeinigen Siebziger-Britpunk mit ein wenig Folk, und eine ganz besondere Rolle bekommt im Bandsound der Dudelsack eingeräumt, welcher die Musik des Vierers angenehm bereichert.
Ganz gleich, ob die Buben Vollgas geben ("Pipes And Pints“) oder auch mal akustisch eher locker-beschwingte Töne wie in „Kensington Club“ angeschlagen werden, stets möchte man, ausgerüstet mit einem frisch gezapften Guinness oder im Falle von PIPES AND PINTS gerne auch mit einem der feinen Gebräue aus deren Heimatland, in die Menge stürmen und mit Gleichgesinnten Körperscooter zelebrieren. Bei diesem Vierer erwärmt sich das Herz, die Mundwinkel sind oben festgetackert, die Krähenfüße scheinen eingemeißelt, und es ist ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit, seine Beine still zu halten. So viel Sympathie strahlen die fünf dargebotenen Tracks der Prager aus. Diese Euphorie steckt an, sie macht tierisch Spaß, und manchmal kommt es doch einfach nur darauf an, oder? Auf der Rückseite dieses Demos prangt übrigens "Looking for a label!“, und da frage ich mich gerade bei dieser geilen Musik wie so oft, WIE taub und blind die Plattenfirmen manchmal denn noch sein können." --Chris, June 2009

Punk Rock, Hardcore And Ska Music Resource And Review (US):

Pipes And Pints - CD-EP - "sick ass folk punk that makes flogging molly look like the emo of folky punk. they hold a very significant sound with bagpipes and punk rock, it makes for a great blend and of course an amazing listening experience, stand out song would have to be "pipes and pints", check out this release by pipes and pints and others on unrepentant records." --Beth, June 2009

Punk Globe Magazine (US):

Pipes And Pints - CD-EP - "This 5-track CD-EP is a short stop on their way to putting out a full length CD while they continue to tour throughout Eastern Europe. I think you will be impressed by their talent -- it's in the bag!" --Carl Macki, April 2009

PUNK4FREE.org (Italy):

"Si respira un'aria diversa quest'oggi, di novita', portata da un vento lontano e selvaggio proveniente dal'est...
Signore e signori (squillo di trombe, rullo di tamburi) fiero di presentarvi, direttamente dalla Repubblica Ceca, i Pipes And Pints: sincero ed aggressivo punkrock con cornamusa!
Il gruppo si e' formato nel 2006 per la passione di Vojta Kalina (cornamusa e voce) di creare un gruppo che combinasse l'irruenza ed energia del punk con la sporca, alcolica irriverenza del folk come anni orsono fecero i leggendari The Pogues (chi non li conoscesse e' gentilmente pregato di andare ad impiccarsi alla trave piu' vicina).
Il suo progetto ambizioso incomincia a prendere forma con l'arrivo di Tomas Novotny (chitarra e voce) che condivideva la sua stessa passione e insieme ad altri componenti, ora fuoriusciti, la band incomincio' ben presto a a farsi conoscere con concerti in Germania, Austria, Repubblica Ceca come band di supporto di gruppi quali The Porters, Society Parasites o come gruppo principale.
In seguito alla fuoriuscita degli altri componenti, per opinioni future contrastanti, il gruppo vive un momento di stallo, ma risorge piu' forte e motivato di prima con l'arrivo di Lukas Vincour (batteria e cori), Syco Mike (voce, ex-Mugshot76) e per finire di Ondra Balvin (basso e cori) a fine 2008.
Con questa demo, autoprodotta (d.i.y.) e omonima, il gruppo mostra varie sfaccettature musicali tutte convincenti e valide che fanno presumere in un vicino futuro, radianti possibilita' espressive.
"City by the sea" e' il bel pezzo che apre il lavoro: il suono solista della cornamusa che lo introduce, in un momento iniziale si percepisce lontano, per poi dopo un crescendo, come se si avvicinasse un'onda, esplodere arricchito, amplificato da tutti gli altri strumenti trasmettendo una carica improvvisa e genuina; seguono bei stacchi e cantato veloce, coinvolgente...e' quasi un peccato quando finisce.
Si prosegue con "Kensington club", ballata dalle influenze country alternata a momenti piu' veloci di buon punk-rock, belle le idee proposte dalla chitarra che riesce a trovare un buon sound, sullo sfondo una storia d'amore finita, annegata nell'alcool e dimenticata senza rimpianti attraverso la musica.
Un'altra carica di pura energia in soli 2 minuti, si ha con la canzone omonima, manifesto un po' della mentalita' che caratterizza la band: la passione per la propria musica, per quello che fanno e in cui credono fermamente che li porta a rifiutare inutili glorie di guadagno, con il solo desiderio di suonare e diffondere il proprio messaggio (notevole la cornamusa armata a battaglia).
Gli ultimi due pezzi "Heaven and hell" (cover riadattata del precedente gruppo del cantante) e "Different way" finiscono in bellezza, mantenendo alta la qualita' e facendosi apprezzare facilmente.
In conclusione consiglio a tutti di approfittare di questa opportunita', scaricando il cd che propone indubbiamente, anche grazie ad un'ottima qualita' nella registrazione, 15 minuti di buona musica suonata con passione e generosa di emozioni.
Il gruppo e' disposto a suonare ovunque senza tante richieste, quindi chi di dovere, li contatti al più presto!"

Click here to read this review translated into English

NetZine sjuttisju [77] (Sweden):

"Här kommer en recension på ett av de bättre band jag hört på länge inom den internationella punksvängen.

Pipes and Pints - Demo, 5 låtar

De som känner mig rätt vet vad jag tycker om den här hypen som förhoppningsvis nåt sin kulmen. Ja, punk blandat med folkmusik (irländsk och skotsk). Jag avskyr den som pesten förutom ett par band. Främst är det de amerikanska banden jag avskyr.
Ett band jag faktiskt gillar är Real McKenzines som blandar den här streetpunken som också växt fram som en farsot tillsammans med sköna säckpipor. Har ni hört Real Mckenzies? Pipes and pipes påminner mycket om dessa amerikanare fast är bättre. Har ni inte hört Real Mckenzies, strunta i det då och lyssna på Pipes and Pipes istället. Inte kunde jag direkt föreställa mig för ungefär 12 år sen då jag var i Tjeckien att det var ett land som skulle föda fram ett band i den här genren som är så bra. Pipes and Pipes får mig till och med att tycka riktigt bra om den sorts US-Streetpunk utan själ som jag började förakta nästan direkt när den kom. Skillnaden här är att allt inte är så slätstruket och förmodligen inte inspelat i någon glassig studio.
Melodierna är sköna, sången är riktigt bra och säckpiporna dominerar inte utan fyller in precis rätt. Den här demon innehåller 5 låtar. Alla är bra medan Kensington club och Different way verkligen sticker ut och är svinbra. Jag hoppas och tror att Pipes and Pipes kommer att bli ett av europas stora band under så många år de själv vill i framtiden, med mycket festivaler. Bara de stannar kvar på rätt sida. Oj det där blev oavsiktligt till en metafor. Stanna kvar inom punkramarna, med andra ord sikta in för att bli kelgrisar i USA. Behåll det skitiga istället för att hamna i högen av alla de tråkiga banden."

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